Auction Process

We have two offices in Japan that provide comprehensive access to all the main car auctions in Japan.

In the UK we have access to the principle car auctions too if required however our focus is on Japanese cars at auction. Our experts can find your cars that match your exact criteria, providing you clear details of the options and the process to make it as simple as possible.

You can purchase your car by bidding yourself with our process, however, we recommend that unless you are a seasoned bidder you get us to help. As we have professional bidders who do this day after day, they know when a car is being over priced or being bid up too much.

Ambro Autos Auctions
Ambro Autos Auctions

Our services include:
   Once you have told us what you are looking for, our experts will bid for you
•   We have access to all Japanese auction houses so have a wide selection to find the right vehicle for you
•   Everyday 150,000 plus cars are added for auction meaning we are almost always able to find a selection of cars that match your criteria
•   Auction charges are clearly explained and you have complete transparency

Note: We strongly advise that you have confidence in our expert bidders to secure the car or cars of your choice.

Ambro Autos Auction Cars 1

If you do wish to bid yourself, we will ask you to pay a deposit of US $1,000.

Ambro Autos Auction Cars 2

After your deposit confirmation, we will send you your login and password through email. A separate email will be sent to walk you through the bidding process.

Ambro Autos Auction Cars 3

Once you have your login and password you will be able to bid however don’t forget we will restrict the amount you can bid up to and the number of vehicles according to the deposit you have given us. If at anytime you want us to take over, simply let us know. Remember, placing a bid is a binding agreement to purchase a car subject to it passing its inspection. Do not bid on a car you are not sure about or not prepared to pay for. If you get us to bid, we will ensure that a fair market price is paid but if not we will walk away from the bidding to avoid paying too much.

Ambro Autos Auction Cars 4

If we or you are successful at an Auction, you will then need to pay the balance so the vehicle can be prepared for shipping.

Ambro Autos Auction Cars 5

Depending on your location, we will organise the required inspection that meets your destination’s legal requirements.

Ambro Autos Auction Cars 6

Our staff will arrange shipment either via RORO or Container according to your wishes and options at your destination. See here for more details. As you would expect, we keep you updated on progress at every step.

Ambro Autos Auction Cars 7

We will courier the documentation relating to the car, necessary to collect from the port once your vehicle has departed port so you will have ready and waiting for delivery.

Auction Groups

Following are the major Japanese Auction Groups:
   USS auction group
   Toyota Auto (TAA) auction group
   JU auction group
   Honda auction group
   JAA auction group
   CAA auction group
   HAA or Hana ten group.

Auction Outcomes

Following are the outcomes of your bid:
BOUGHT – If you win your bid
SOLD – If someone else wins the bidding
PASSED – If bidding did not reach the seller’s
reserve price
SOLD IN NEGOTIATION – If the passed car is
sold in negotiations
REMOVED – If seller removes the car from auction

Japanese car auctions happen 6 days a week in several locations. See below overview of the schedule:
  • Honda Fukuoka, Honda Hokkaido, Honda Kansai, Honda Nagoya, Honda Sendai, Honda Tokyo
  • JU Tokyo
  • USSR Aichi Nagoya
  • AAA
  • Arai Sendai
  • CAA Gifu
  • CAA Tokyo
  • CAA Tohoku
  • GE NyusatsuTokyo
  • JU Mie, JU Nagano, JU Saitama, JU Shizuoka, JU Yamaguchi,
  • NAA Fukuoka
  • NPS Fukuoka Nyusatsu, NPS Osaka Nyusatsu, NPS Sendai Nyusatsu, NPS Tokyo Nyusatsu,
  • OrixFukuoka Nyusatsu, OrixKobe Nyusatsu,  OrixSendai Nyusatsu
  • SAA Sapporo, SAA Kyushu,
  • SLC Tokyo
  • smapFukuoka Nyusatsu
  • TAA Hiroshima, TAA Kinki, TAA Kyushu, TAAMnamiKyushu, TAA Shikoku
  • USS Yokohama
  • Bay Auc
  • BCN
  • CAA Chubu
  • GE NyusatsuFukuoka
  • Hero
  • IAA
  • Isuzu Makuhari(truck auction)
  • JAA
  • JU Ibaraki, JU Ishikawa
  • KAA Kyoto
  • KCAA Ebino
  • LAA Shikoku
  • Orix Atsugi Nyusatsu
  • smapSapporo Nyusatsu, Tokyo Nyusatsu
  • USS Fukuoka, USS Kobe, USS Niigata, USS Sapporo, USS Tohoku
  • Arai Oyama
  • GE NyusatsuKobe
  • HAA Osaka
  • Isuzu Kyushu (truck auction)
  • JU Aichi, JU Fukushima, JU Gunma, JU Hiroshima, JU Kanagawa, JU Toyama
  • KCAA Fukuoka
  • LAA Kansai
  • NAA Nagoya, NAA Osaka
  • OrixNagoya Nyusatsu
  • SAA Hamamatsu
  • SLC Kobe
  • smapKobe Nyusatsu
  • TAA Chubu, TAA Hokkaido, TAA Kanto, TAA Tohoku
  • USS Tokyo
  • Zip Osaka (foreign car specialist auction)
  • Arai Bayside
  • Isuzu Kobe (truck auction)
  • JAA Tsukuba
  • JU Chiba, JU Fukuoka, JU Miyagi, JU Niigata, JU Okayama LAA, JU Okinwawa, JU Sapporo, JU Tochigi
  • KCAA Yamaguchi
  • NAA Tokyo
  • USS Hokuriku, USS Nagoya, USS Osaka, USS Saitama
  • Arai VT
  • HAA Kobe
  • JU Gifu, JU Nara
  • NAA Nagoya Nyusatsu, NAA Osaka Nyusatsu, NAA Tokyo Nyusatsu
  • TAA Yokohama
  • USS Gunma, USS Kyushu, USS Okayama, USS Ryutsu, USS Shizuoka
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