AmbroAutos is the most credible name in Japanese car trading business. We believe in building up lasting TRUST and business relationships with our customers and partners. We provide transparency, while selecting the best quality vehicles, going out of our way to meet our customers’ expectations.

We pride ourselves in a simple & open approach driven by these key points

Instant Access To All Auction Houses

AmbroAutos have access to all auction houses in Japan to find our customers’ the right vehicles for their requirements.  You can also view the available cars at auction, if you have an active account with us.

Best Available Market Competitive Prices

We believe in sourcing the best value vehicles for your money.  We operate an efficient operation keeping overheads to a minimum so we can give you the best prices.  Our prices are transparent and clear with NO hidden charges.

Fast & Safe Delivery

Our experienced professional team offer hassle free and secure delivery solutions wherever in the World you require delivery. We track shipments and will keep you informed on the latest updates.

24/7 Customer Service

Having offices in the UK and Japan means we are well positioned to offer round the clock support.  We aim to provide customer support and reply to  any question with minimum delay.

Vehicle Auction Sheet

We provide translated Auction Sheets for our customers to check the specifications and understand the condition of vehicles.  This makes identifying the cars you are interested in simple and transparent and and marks or scratches will be made clear here.

Vehicle Inspections

Our trained staff understand the inspection requirements for each country and work closely with all inspection authorities. They carryout independent vehicle inspections following a detailed and thorough check list as required by importing countries. All our vehicles go through the inspection process you  require giving you confidence in your purchase.

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