Frequently Asked Questions

AmbroAutos is part of AmbroGroup, located in UK.

We mostly deal in nearly new /used cars and spare parts from Japan and the UK.
Most of our cars are through auctions however we also purchase to order new or used if requested by our customers.

Our general office is open Monday to Friday 8:00 to 17:00 UK time. The Japanese office is available 06:30 – 15:00 Japan time. We have out of hour support all other times.

Please let us know your desired car and pay the initial deposit. As soon as we receive your payment, our team will contact you with the details of a selection of cars that meet your criteria to review. Once you approve and agree on a vehicle, we will aim to secure the car for you. Please visit our “How to order” page for detailed information.

Yes, however, if the third party does not provide us the information then the manufactured year, may not be available but if that’s the case we will make sure you are aware of this prior to making any purchase.

Our dedicated teams in Japan and the UK will be responsible for the required inspection, export and shipment of your car. Our team will confirm the shipment cost, depending on the country’s port of delivery.

Our experts are careful and knowledgeable in inspecting cars, going through a multi point check to look for known problems of particularly models.  We will also share the recent photos so you can see the condition of the car for yourself.   We will also brief you thoroughly about the mechanical condition of the car.  Of course, we will despatch the vehicle in the exact same condition as you purchased taking great care to avoid scratches etc.
As soon as full payment is complete we will be able to transfer to the port. The actual shipment time will depend on when the next container is leaving for your chosen destination but generally no more than 1 – 2 weeks wait however we can give you a better view at the time of purchase.

You will receive your vehicle documents via courier as soon as the car is shipped. We will notify you of the tracking number.

These documents will be passed on to the customer:

  • Export certificate
  • Bill of Lading
  • Final invoice
  • Marine inspection (if required)

In Japan, auction sheets are essential part of buying used cars. USS Auction sheets are the first point of inspection when selecting used car for purchase. This report is issued by the independent inspectors employed by the respective Auction Houses. Following is a standard picture format of auction sheet:

Yes, for our customer’s better comprehension, we provide translated auction sheet for every vehicle before purchase and we make sure that you fully understand your intended purchase.
Normally, auction sheet details are not changed before a car is sold; however, it can happen occasionally. In Japanese term, it is called a “TEISEI” or a “CORRECTION”. Sometimes the correction is very minor such as “change of name of car ownership within 2 months”. Sometimes it is major like “changed in car grade, for example from grade 4 to R, right front inside panel replaced”. Initially, we would ignore the correction while bidding a car for you. If we become aware of any “TEISEI” then we will share with you and so it will depend purely on your decision to finalise the bidding process or cancel it.
We are sorry, we can only accept payments through bank transfer using the internationally recognised IBAN / SWIFT system.
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