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How to Order CARS?

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How to Order CAR PARTS?

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How To Order Cars

We have designed our order and shipment processes, keeping in view our customer’s convenience and security. Our process starts from any car inquiry to the agreed selection of cars, make a payment, order tracking and delivery of the selected cars at the desired port. You will be informed throughout the process to keep you aware of all developments while ensuring complete delivery of cars.

Ambro Autos How To Order Cars
Ambro Autos How To Order Cars 1
Ambro Autos Car Process 1

Tell us what car you are looking for with this form.

Whether it is one car or you are interested in or a bulk order, contact us about your requirements or fill our comprehensive form which will help us identify aspects that are important to you. We will then set to work to identify potential vehicles available at auctions that match your criteria. If it is something more unusual we may also search through our network.

Bid at Auction?
We can provide you a login so  you can bid at Auction yourself. To do this we require you provide $5,000 deposit. We recommend however that our professional bidders act on your behalf as they are familiar with the technical process and what is a reasonable price for a particular model. We have access to several auction houses in Japan as well as the UK. We can provide you a login to selected auctions so you can view stock and identify cars you are interested in. See here more about auctions.

If you do decide to bid at auction we will limit the amount you can bid up to depending on your deposit as bidding is a binding agreement to purchase. If you are interested in this route, you should speak to experts or contact as here.

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Ambro Autos Car Process 2

Once we have found suitable vehicles that match your criteria, we will send you the details.

Usually, these will be at auction and so we will send you the photos and auction sheet to review including the total price we would secure the vehicle for you at. Tell us which of options you are interested and would like to proceed with.

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Ambro Autos Car Process 7

You maybe ordering one vehicle or several and you may have chosen one or given us a priority list. We will now need you to pay a deposit for us to secure the vehicle or vehicles for you which is generally 50% of the total price. We will send you a pro forma invoice with our bank details to pay the deposit to. We have bank accounts in Japan and in the UK and can accept payment in USD, GBP or YEN. 

If you need help or have questions on payments, contact the accounts team:

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Ambro Autos Car Process 4

Once we have received your deposit, we will then secure your vehicle for you and let you know as soon as we have done so.

If we are unsuccessful for any reason, you will have opportunity to have your deposit returned in full (note exchange rates can vary and banks can apply fees) or ask us to continue our search. We well then send you an invoice requesting the balance to be paid.

Ambro Autos How To Order Cars 5

Once the car or cars are handed over to us we will arrange an inspection by your preferred inspection provider – see here for details.

We share the information of the inspection immediately with you. If there are any major problems, we will return the car. It will be your choice if you take a refund or request for a further search. If it is something minor, we will let you know and ask you if you are happy to proceed and we can arrange for it to be corrected in our workshops prior to shipping.

Ambro Autos How To Order Cars 6
Ambro Autos Car Process 6

After successful order fulfilment, we will send you the original documents via DHL to receive your shipment.

• The original Export Certificates (both Japanese and English)
• Customs Invoice to verify the value of your vehicle
• Bill of Lading (BOL) to receive your vehicle at the port of destination (POD)
• Any other documents depending on your country’s regulations

Ambro Autos How To Order Cars 7

Depending on your exact requirements, we will arrange shipment via RORO or container – see here for more details.

Ambro Autos How To Order Cars 8

Please track your shipment and remain in contact with your local Customs Office to finally receive your shipment .

How To Order Car Parts

We can supply SPARE PARTS worldwide for more or less all makes and models.

Tell us what parts you are looking for with this form. We can arrange delivery WORLDWIDE. Where possible, please provide us as much detail about the vehicle as you can including chassis and engine number so we can make sure we identify and supply the right parts.

Bulk orders
Alternatively if you have a bulk order or have questions contacts us here. We specialise in providing parts in BULK usually delivering by container so get in touch to discuss your wholesale requirements too.

What’s available?
We can request new OEM, refurbished and used parts for you. For older cars, it may not be possible to get new genuine parts always if the original manufacturer is no longer producing or stocking it, or in which case we will offer used, refurbished or even custom built new.

Used parts?
We source new parts worldwide but for refurbished and older models have access to breakers in the UK and Japan and ensure old parts are stripped down, cleaned and tested to ensure they are working prior to shipment.

We can source a full A-Z of parts for most cars, old & new
Ambro Autos How To Order Parts
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