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Car Inspection


All cars are inspected thoroughly prior to buying from auctions by our highly trained inspection team. In case of any objection raised during inspection, we don’t sell or deliver that car to our customers. “Good To Go” status is mandatory for all sold vehicles. We only sell cars which passed the inspection and adhere to all the safety and performance criteria. Our dedicated and highly professional experts carry out multiple inspection procedures to keep our quality standards up to the mark.

 Quality Control

& Assurance

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It is our top most priority to guarantee that there are no associated risks for clients or customers who buy used Japanese cars through one of our top suppliers, Car Hub Japan. We ensure that our clients receive what has been promised to them with respect to quality, shipment procedure, as well as payment processes. This is done through a comprehensively designed system with involvement of our certified inspectors who ensure that every car is up to the mark claimed by the seller.


Workshop Facilities


AmbroAutos is quite unique to offer a workshop facility to maximise customer satisfaction. Our aim is to deliver every single car in immaculate condition as per our customer’s request. It is our duty to sell faultless cars hence, our certified mechanics inspect all cars in the workshop to counter check our quality assurance standing procedures. All cars leave the workshop after thorough inspection by our highly experienced mechanical teams and good to be delivered.

Vehicle Inspection Bodies

We are fully aware of your respective country’s regulations of Vehicle Inspection. Also, it is imperative to acquire the correct inspection certificate for your purchased vehicle from credible and right inspecting bodies to make your delivery of shipment hassle free when you are there to receive it. We dully understand that without authorised official inspection, the vehicle is not permitted to exit the port at any cost. Ambro Autos provides the following inspection certifications to its customers (where applicable) :

Recognised Inspection Bodies

Japan Export Vehicle Inspection Certificate

Its pre-shipment investigation and affirmation is given by JEVIC Co. Ltd. in Japan. It’s a Japan-based organization that has been giving confirmations for used autos in different structures since 2001. It is situated in every single significant port in Japan such as Kawasaki (Tokyo Bay) Nagoya, Yokohama (Tokyo Bay), Osaka and Hakata. They are additionally having their branches and workplaces in New Zealand and Singapore.

JEVIC has strict methods for examining used vehicles and we can comprehend their notoriety by the notion that various nations had made it mandatory to have the JEVIC inspection certificate along with the utilized vehicle being bought to their region. JEVIC deals in general clients like Government bodies, vehicle affiliations, shippers, exporters and diverse sorts of global exchanging organizations along with end clients.

JEVIC Vehicle Inspection

JEVIC offers a large number of certification and inspection services to guarantee secure used vehicle trade, following the regulations of the country of destination. The significant inspection services by JEVIC include:

  • Point of Origin
  • Pre-Export Appraisal
  • Asian Gypsy Moth Vessel Inspection
  • Roadworthiness
  • Ownership/Stolen Vehicle Check
  • Odometer Check
  • Radiation Tests
  • Vehicle History Report
  • Lost De-Registration Documents
Countries where JEVIC Inspection is required:



New Zealand



Japan Auto Appraisal Institute

JAAI is the main Japanese association to conduct export inspection of used vehicles. It was established in 1966 under the Ministry of International Trade and Industry and Ministry of Transport. JAAI is a non-profit organization aimed to help review used automobiles and also has 52 branches spread over the 47 prefectures of Japan.

JAAI is a government quality investigation office for Japanese used autos since 1967. It preserves the quality of everything regarding used vehicles in most efficient manner to maintain their first-class repute worldwide. From over 30 years JAAI had assessed more than 1.8 million used autos in Japan.

JAAI Vehicle Inspection
  • Interior Condition and Appearance – The interior will be checked by the inspection authority. The damaged area on seat covers, interior walls and ceiling should not exceed more than 10 centimetres for passenger cars and 30 centimetres for commercial and freight cars. Moreover, repairs made through adhesive tapes are not accepted.
  • Functionality of the Vehicle – Must adhere the passenger’s safety regulations.
  • Windshield – There should be no breakages of more than a centimetre. Scratches from viper blades should not adversely impact the visibility.
  • Tires – The condition of tires must be as per safety regulations.
  • Country Specific Inspection – Any specific inspection required by the importing country.
  • Exterior Condition and Appearance – The rusted parts have to be repaired and painted. Moreover, bumps on the surface of the car which stretch to a quarter of the impacted panel will also require panel work.
  • Engine and Area under the Body – The engine has to be washed with rusted parts painted with chassis black.
  • Odometer – Odometer of the vehicle should not be replaced nor tampered. If required, inspection will be conducted by Odometer Search System by NAK.
Countries where JAAI Inspection is required:


Sri Lanka


Vehicle Certification Agency

VCA is the designated United Kingdom’s national vehicle type approval authority and the executive agency of the UK Dept. of Transport. Having experience of over 30 years, VCA provides international recognized testing, type approval and certifications for all types of vehicles and components. VCA’s headquarters is located in Bristol, consisting of all services and testing facilities. VCA maintains global presence, having branches in North America, Brazil, US, Japan (Asia Pacific), Korea, China, Italy, Malaysia, India and Australia.

VCA Vehicle Inspection

VCA offers a large number of certification and inspection services to guarantee secure used vehicle trade, following the regulations of the country of destination. The significant inspection services by VCA include:

  • Vehicle Type Approval
  • Legislation & Information Services
  • Fuel Consumption and CO2 emission inspection
  • SVA (Single Vehicle Approval) scheme, specifically for Malta in accordance to Maltese Government vehicle import standards
Countries where VCA Inspection is required:



It is a standout amongst the most trusted inspection and Certification Company on the planet, giving a vast scope of quality assurance services for numerous business ventures and areas. For used cars trade, Intertek gives PSI (Pre-Shipment Inspection) administrations to guarantee that the vehicles are in congruity with the measures of the destination country.

For utilized vehicle import and fare, Intertek gives the administrations of Pre-shipment examinations and congruity assessments to guarantee the nature of the utilized vehicles (and different Goods) as per benchmarks of the country where the vehicle is being imported. Intertek has a universal presence and has workplaces in USA, UK and Hong Kong.

Intertek Vehicle Inspection

For automobiles, the inspection is based on these points:

  • Physical Inspection before shipping, determining the nature of goods.
  • The certification is delivered to the importer, which can be used for clearance from the customs and to estimate the duties before the clearance.
  • Scrutiny of documents to ensure accurate valuation and customs tariff code as per the regulations of importing countries.
Countries where Intertek Inspection is required:


Quality Inspection Services Japan

QISJ offers vehicles inspection services for Japanese used vehicles that are being exported to variety of countries. The headquarters is in Japan, QISJ is also present in United Arab Emirates, Singapore, South Africa and United Kingdom with over 200 qualified inspection experts to carry out the processes.

Inspection and Certification procedure includes more than 150 point safety checks, carried out by inspection specialists who prepare an inspection report that is detailed and offer certification as per the standards, the vehicle is marked as qualified.

QISJ Vehicle Inspection

Standards to be followed for QISJ inspections include:

  • Cosmetic (External and Internal)
  • Air Conditioning System
  • All Electrical Elements
  • Roadworthiness
  • Electrical and Mechanical Functions
  • Radiation tests
Countries where QISJ Inspection is required:


East Africa Automobile Service Ltd.

(EAA) is a vehicle pre-shipment examination organization beginning from Japan with inspection offices situated at vital areas i.e. Yokohama, Kawasaki, Kisarazu, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe and Kita-Kyusyu.

EAA likewise has a location abroad as well in UK, Dubai and Tanzania. EAA vehicle review is a total appraisal of the vehicle which is embraced before the vehicle is transported.

EAA assessment and accreditation guarantees that the vehicle coordinates the required measures as far as condition and accessories alongside auxiliary and mechanical angles. The vehicle gets an endorsement of congruity once it effectively goes through the investigation procedure.

EAA Vehicle Inspection

Some of requirements of EAA inspection are:

  • Pre-Shipment Inspection
  • Radiation Inspection
  • Stolen Vehicle Sheet
  • Odometer Verification
  • Structural Verification
  • Documentation Verification
  • Road Worthiness Inspections
  • Pre-Export Appraisals
Countries where EAA Inspection is required:



AA inspections are available for used vehicles from the UK market.
More details are available at

Inspections are visual, external checks which are limited to the parts identified in the report checklist, as is relevant to each vehicle. Inspections cover:

  • Body Exterior
  • Engine Compartment
  • Electrical Controls
  • Interior and Luggage Compartments
  • Front and Rear Suspension
  • Front and Rear Under Frames
  • Steering
  • Clutch
  • Transmission
  • Exhaust System
  • Fuel System
  • Brakes
  • Wheels And Tyres
  • Road Test Of Up To 5 Or 10 Miles (Depending On The Vehicle Type, Road Conditions, Traffic, Fuel Level and Engineer’s Judgement)

RAC inspections are available for used vehicles from the UK market and alternative option to the AA.
More details are available at

RAC offer tiers of inspection however we generally choose to use the comprehensive check.

  • Full Mechanical and Structural Checks
  • Full Underbody and Interior Checks
  • Main Functions and Control Checks
  • Body Work and Paint Inspection Checks
  • Road-Test (Up To 10 Miles)
  • Engineer Fault Report Sent Via Email
  • Extended Road-Test
  • Verbal Summary From The Engineer
  • Comprehensive Summary Of Engineer Findings and Recommendations
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