Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Services

We offer full order tracking as we know how important it is to know where your order is and when to expect it.  After your successful order completion, you can track the order (RORO or CONTAINER shipment) status using link provided by us.

All cars are inspected thoroughly prior to buying from auctions by our highly trained inspection team. In case of any objection raised during inspection, we don’t sell or deliver that car to our customers. “GOOD to GO” status is mandatory for all sold vehicles. We only sell those cars which have passed during inspection and adhere to all the safety and performance criteria. Our dedicated and professional experts carry out multiple inspections to check all the key and important mechanical and build features.

We also make use of workshop facilities to maximise customer satisfaction. Our aim is to delivery every single car in immaculate condition as per our customer’s request. It is our duty to sell reliable and safe cars so our certified mechanics inspect all cars again to double check our inspection team’s report before we agree the  car is good to be delivered.  If we find defects we will let you know and either address if minor or reject depending on your wishes.

Our priority is to guarantee that there are no surprises for our customers who buy cars from us.  We always ensure that what customers agreed to purchase is what they receive from payment, delivery through to the vehicle itself.

We use the two standard specifications 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. We deliver your cars in clean and dust free containers so that you receive your car as you purchased. We can also provide dedicated container services if you require. With our expertise and links to the shipping companies we are able to ensure cost effective and reliable delivery to your chosen port.

As a car exporter, we organise this for you to make your purchase trouble free. At all of principle ports around the world that we deliver to, we have agreements with local agents to check the  documentation and vehicle off-loading. By having local contacts on hand that we work with means we have visibility of the key stages of the shipment and someone on hand if there is a problem or to identify if there is any damage.

AMBRO AUTOS is driven by Quality and Customer Satisfaction

Our aim to ensure excellent service to our valued customers. Our quality assurance passes through multiple inspections and procedures. We believe that it is our obligation to serve all our customers as we would like to be served ourselves and earn customer’s satisfaction and repeat business.

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